2024 - Ongoing
MAP/making ( Music, Art and Performance) is an educational platform for interdisciplinary collaboration established in 2000. Directed by a team of professional artist-educators, it is for artists and sound-makers/ musicians who are interested in the meeting point between contemporary music, visual arts and performance. Working collectively on large and small-scale performance installations, MAP/making offers an experimental, progressive environment combining new creative processes, open dialogue and critical thinking in community.

Since 2000 MAP/making has produced several high profile site specific performance installations. Combining intense live performance with experimental design, inhabiting found spaces and repurposing everyday materials, audiences are drawn into the immersive world of the installation, navigating through spaces as different pieces are activated or performed.
Working freely across electro-acoustic, instrumental music, sound art, installation design, video art, sculpture and performance practice, MAP/making has developed a unique shared methodology and collaborative ethos that enables artists to address contemporary subject matter in a powerful and immediate way.

Exhibited at the Silk Street Theatre, Barbican Centre, London.

Role: Concept, set design and lighting design
In collaboration with Ushara Dilrukshan

Asha Ponikiewska, Performer
Kevin Rogers, Sound Artist
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