Adrenochromes is a self initiated publication designed by Bibliothèque. My role in the project was to develop a website that would be launched alongside the publication's release.

The visual direction for the website stemmed from my study of the themes prevalent throughout the publication's images and words. Focused on cues of distortion and fragmentation, I explored how these expressions could be translated into the form of web based interactions.

From 3D animations to warped imagery, the user's scrolling acts as the trigger for a series of dynamic yet seamless experiences.

In collaboration with Leon Chew and Shumon Basar.

Reflecting upon themes of absurdity and misinformation, the images allude to how the chemical adrenochrome was once a subject appearing in the fiction of Anthony Burgess' Clockwork Orange. Fast forward half a century and fiction warps into conspiracy horror, claiming globe elite occultists torture children for the chemical adrenochrome from their blood.

Using a process of synthesising the analogue with the digital, the images emphasise the glitches amidst reality. The multiple layers embedded within the imagery make spatial perception impossible to decipher. Ultra-vivid, fragmented, saturated and distorted.

Layout Design | Web Development | Interaction Design
Media: JavaScript, Cinema 4D and AfterEffects
Role: Creative Direction, Interaction Design and Web Development

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