BBC Habitat 


Augmented Reality | Data Visualisation | UX Design

Role: Concept, Creative Direction, UI, UX and Film Editing.

Media: Cinema 4D, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Principle

D&AD New Blood Awards: Yellow Pencil Winner

In a world increasingly saturated with data, how can we harness it for good? Climate change is the most pressing issue of our generation, yet it can feel distant and abstract.

BBC Habitat is an app that visualises users’ carbon footprint as a personal Habitat. By providing people with information to support their environmental journey, the app empowers them to make positive behavioural change.

The app immerses users in their personal Habitat in real-time augmented reality, giving a deeper sense of connection to the natural world that they are trying to save.

In collaboration with Jann Choy, Betty Lu and Jessie Zhang.



“Develop a digital product or service for the BBC that serves as an interface between physical and digital... It should encourage positive data usage, deliver a positive experience and have a key tie in to BBC.”


16-24 year olds are concerned about climate change and want to change their behaviours but find it difficult to keep consistently motivated.


Provide people with information about their carbon footprint and environmental news in an engaging way to support them in making meaningful change.


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“Wow! Such a good idea, beautifully told and executed. It showed a clear understanding of the brief and was based on genuine insight with the audience. The winning work was unanimously loved by all judges, resulting in a pang of jealousy by many including myself.”

Steve Gibbons
Head of User Experience and Design, BBC


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