Out of Sight, Out of Mind


Out of sight, out of mind is a short film that aims to reveal the operation of CCTV and highlights society’s obsession with documenting their lives.

Pulling back the curtain of surveillance using real CCTV footage, the film draws attention to the discomforting realm of information that is collected and stored every day.

Whilst the concept of ‘panopticism’ inspires the discomforting undertones of the film, I wanted to offer a new perspective, to romanticise and beautify the realm of surveillance.

Updating the cliched Orwellian interpretations of surveillance, the film depicts a surreal and dreamy world of observation. In a world where we are obsessed with documenting every step of our lives, Out of sight, out of mind demonstrates the irony that the very same exposure we desire can be ascertained through surveillance.

Out of sight, out of mind embraces the system of control as a method of surveying one’s self, and extends upon our compulsion to share every detail of our daily routine.
All CCTV footage is authentic

Moving Image  
Media: Premiere Pro
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