Sundance Film Festival


Visual Identity | Printed Matter

Media: InDesign and After Effects

Tutors: Ken Deegan and Pedro Mendes
A series of six posters for a cultural institution designed using only typography and a custom grid system.

Established in 1985, the Sundance Film Festival is now the largest indepedent film festival in the U.S.

The annual program takes place in Park City, Utah and includes a wide range of material, from documentary features to short films while the New Frontier showcases experiences in the form of emerging multimedia.


Custom Grid System

I chose to design for the Sundance Film Festival because I find the institute's identity to be particularly inconsistent in relation to the film festival during past campaigns, considering it is their most prominent program. I decided to work with the information from the festival's schedule while focusing on the six most significant categories and using the number of films from the competition to construct a grid that would allow for an extensive yet varied layout.


Sundance Institute Logo

Primary Typeface

Secondary Typeface

Layer System

Extension and Application

Building on my poster series, I developed the design beyond it’s initial format by extending the adaptive grid into a range of contexts, including A0/A2/A3 (foldable) posters, banners and leaflets.