WaterWays is an art project that connects humans to other living organisms of the Regent’s Canal. Through Canal Observatory, a newly commissioned digital game for data collection co-designed by artist collectives AusBlau and Applied Logic. WaterWays seeks to understand the health of this ecosystem in the hope of remedying and rebuilding relationships. 

Commissioned on behalf the Royal College of Art, in partnership with the Open Data Institute (ODI)’s Data as Culture.

Low-technology | Web Development | Visual Identity | Interaction Design
Media: Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Firebase and Figma
Role: Creative direction, concept development and design
The objective of the design system was to develop a visual language that evoked the ‘voice of water’. However, instead of choosing to reference motives of beauty or poetry that are commonly associated with water, we chose to depict the reality of pollution. 

We chose to adopt an analogue approach that minimised our environmental footprint during our design process. By collecting natural and polluting artefacts from the canal to use as the focal point of the identity, we created a succint visual representation for the ‘voice of water’. Using system typography, dithered imagery and a montone colour palette, the system was designed to minimise energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

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