Visual Identity | Artificial Intelligence | Motion Design

Media: Adobe Suite, JavaScript, Python and StyleGan

Role: Concept Development, Typography, Layout and Postprocessing 
The visual identity for the 2021 Central Saint Martins Graduate Showcase uses artificial intelligence in the form of machine learning to represent the individual and collective growth of the graduating students within the university's community.

Collecting the word "bloom" in all languages spoken on the Central Saint Martins campus, we trained a neural network that generates new letterforms based on the initial data. Combining moving imagery, colour, and typography, we developed an adaptive visual system with this generative cycle at its core.

In collaboration with Jann Choy, Betty Lu, Jessie Zhang and Maximillian Zimmerer

The colours that the GAN is trained on are bright and celebratory, in line with the atmosphere of the degree show. As the model learns these colours, it expands on the palette and produces new variations, becoming more than the sum of its parts.

The grid system, which is based on the 24 courses exhibiting as part of the Degree Show, is the foundation of the identity system.

The visual language is centered around a square moving image of GAN-generated letterforms. Striking a balance between order and chaos, we establish a system that is easily transformable to any platform.

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