Water to Water


Physical Computing | UX Design | Experiential Design

Media: Three.js, JavaScript, Arduino, Socket.IO and Premiere Pro

Process ︎︎︎

Maison/0 Green Trail Award: Shortlisted

Water to Water is an interactive experience revealing the different ways that our actions are entangled with other facets of life.   

Through a process of repurposing, a plastic bottle has been turned into a device that is used to navigate this exploration. Taking the user on a journey through the various stages of the bottle’s life cycle, the orientation of the object controls which stage the user chooses to explore and unveils complexities that are obscured by its simple presentation.

To view the full demonstration: here︎︎︎
Using a plastic bottle as the subject of focus, the project uses a playful approach that aims to alter people’s understanding of the products they buy and the impact that their consumption has on the natural environment.

By revealing the harmful processes associated with the object, the experience aims to promote a more holistic style of living that accounts for the whole biosphere in the decisions we make.

Design Rationale

Creating an experience that was both informative yet immersive, I aimed to work against the usual restraints of web based interactions. The interface is designed to feel in depth and game-like to help the user feel as if they're being taken on a journey, unbound by the borders of the screen.

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