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Commissioned to design the identity for the Central Saint Martins' MA Biodesign course, Applied Logic created a design that embodies regenerative systems that play with the synthesis of organic and technological forms.

Nature is random and structured, chance and order existing side by side. Our generative identity draws from the circular motives of biodesign and the symmetries that are recurrent throughout nature. Employing a computational approach, we have developed cellular patterns that use algorithmic growth to reflect a symbiosis of human and non-human elements.

In collaboration with Maximillian Zimmerer.

Identity Design | Generative Design | Design Tool | Web Design
Media: Adobe Suite, Figma and JavaScript
Role: Concept Development, UX/UI Design and Identity Design
The identity we have developed brings randomness and order together in a variable cell-based pattern. Inspired by cellular automata and the patterns found at every scale of nature, circles span out from a centre. Kaleidoscopic in nature, it is at once dynamic and instantly recognisable.

The palette is inspired by earthy tones and lab dyes. Three ground colours representing the macro and the more commonly associated colours of nature, such as those of soil and leaves, provide the basis for the identity. Concurrently, four highlight colours serve to reference the micro, drawn from the more vibrant colours found in cellular biology.
As part of our collaboration, we created user-friendly tools for the MA Biodesign staff to quickly generate infinite animations and layouts for marketing content. The tools enabled us to hand over control to the team whilst ensuring a consistent yet flexible visual language would be sustained.

The bespoke tools include a custom plug-in for layouts in Figma and a website for animations, built using the by Design Systems International.

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