The Nature of us


Digital Morphogenesis | Web Development | Interaction Design 

Media: Three.js and Premiere Pro

Process ︎︎︎

The Nature of us is a digital exhibition that explores the process of becoming human (hominization) through a system of growth present within plants (diffusion-limited aggregation).

Drawing inspiration from shamanism and the culture of ayahuasca, the website visualizes the relationship between nature and mankind by exhibiting images of anthropology in the form of a tree-like structure.

Work in progress

‘We are not individuals.
No living thing is. Every organism is a symbiosis: an enmeshed and embodied network of relationships.’

Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures

Merlin Sheldrake

User Interface

Main page

Initial state, zoomed out

Initial state, zoomed in

As a result of simulating the organic process, branches of images grow over time so that users can observe the connections made and learn more about their primal history. Curators of The Botanical Mind state that such designs within nature ‘seem to connect the macro to the micro-cosmos, revealing an encoded intelligence’ (Buenfeld and Clark, 2020). During a time whereby we struggle to make sense of the overwhelming world that we live in, The Nature of us looks for the answers in ecology, by encouraging viewers to reflect on their relationship to the natural world.

Interactive image element

Learning page

Diffusion-limited aggregation

By using the growth process of diffusion-limited aggregation to grow the digital exhibition, the website alludes to the theme of plants. While the imagery in the virtual space represents the themes of hominization and cellular biology, the way it is depicted demonstrates the importance of the plant kingdom in understanding the nature of human beings - the two are synonymous.