Space Dust Infomercial 


Information and Systems | 3D Printing | Motion Design

Media: Cinema 4D, After Effects, Premiere Pro and 3D Printing
My research on the elements of cosmic dust revealed the significance of dust within our solar system and the vast volume of which enters our atmosphere every day (60 tons).
The evidence of aluminium oxide (ruby or sapphire) found within cosmic dust led me to embody the style of an infomercial and its approach to selling gemstones and other jewellery. The film embraces a humorous tone of voice, playing upon the absurdity of infomercial design and the concept of selling dust.


“There it would find abundant specks of aluminium oxide, which, depending on its impurities, is known on Earth as ruby or sapphire”

The Secret Life of Dust
Hannah Holmes

This endeavour evolved from initially collecting and vacuum packing dust in an attempt to create an artefact out of what many perceive as a merely unremarkable substance.              

In attempt to change the general perspective of what dust is, I experimented with the effect that form has on peoples valuation of objects and the basis of cosmic dust’s unknown shape, I stylised my own interpretations in order to visually translate the value of the information that I had gathered.

3D Renders

“Dust is not well defined...
We don’t know the precise shape or composition of the grains. Is it little spheres? Is it strings? Plantlike things?”

University of California, Berkeley
Professor of Astronomy
Steve Beckwith